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Toranika Washington

Somatic Leadership Coach

Certified Movement Analyst CMA, MA, MFA

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I intersect my experience as a choreographer, movement analyst, educator, and spiritual practitioner to help leaders understand how their bodies interact and respond under less-than-ideal circumstances.


Whether I am creating movement for dancers, teaching actors how to embody a character, facilitating workshops for corporate America or coaching you through personal obstacle, all roads lead to breathing fully, overcoming 

challenges, gaining deeper perspectives, and making meaningful connections. 


My work humbles me, it is unique and a constant reminder that I have not been created to feed my desires, but to listen, exchange stories, share experiences, and assist others for the purpose of evolving better together. 

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Getting in rhythm with creativity,

innovation & Gods plan for your life.

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Making meaningful connections.


Relieving anxiety

Reducing stress

Preventing Burnout

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Soothing your

Soma, Soul, & Spirit.


exercises tips 



challenges & upcoming sessions.


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me on your


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Past and current clients have included at home moms, artists, corporate business leaders, advocates for social change and those in helping careers: social work, frontline healthcare workers, discharged military,

faith leaders and teachers. 

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stress & 


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What people are saying.
"She offered an incredibly insightful and non-judgmental perspective on how my body placement and movement impactme at work and home."

Kristin Daniels, Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia

Toranika! You were WONDERFUL at the Junior Leagues of Florida Fall Conference! Getting the delegates up and moving, and more importantly engaging and observing each other made them come alive; you can tell so by the photos.


I appreciate not only the time you shared with us day of, but also all of your preparation efforts. You impressed, informed, and kept our audience interested. We received rave reviews day of, and several women said this was the best JLFL SPAC conference they had ever attended. THANK YOU!!

​Bernadette Bruce, Director, Office of Publications & Creative Services,

Nova Southeastern University

“I felt surrounded by confidence, spirituality, and energy. It reconnected me with myself and it led me to a deep reflection: in my ability to let myself go versus my ability to lead.”

Raquel Pollo, Teacher, Miami, Florida


“This has helped me to realize internal and external reactions to certain events in my life. My only regret is that I didn't know any of this when I managed large groups of

individuals in corporate America.”

Norvel McDonald, RetiredManager, Las Vegas, Nevada

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