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communication. efficiency. performance.





  Communication.  Efficiency.  Performance.

Toranika Washington

Certified Movement Analyst, C.M.A.

Registered Somatic Movement Educator, R.S.M.E

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"Understanding your body language, and how it impacts the world"


A Movement Analyst observes, describes, interprets, and records human movement.

Professional Development

Athletic Performance

Healing and Transformation

Leadership and Public Speaking Skills

Conflict Resolution

Body Language Coaching



"The time spent with Toranika was one of the most valuable uses of my time. Understanding the flow of my movement and how it not only impacts my life but others, has already helped me to realize internal and external reactions to certain events in my life. My only regret is that I didn't know any of this when I managed large groups of individuals in corporate America. However, now I will be more conscious of the lessons I've learned going forward in business and personal interactions. Thank you very much, Toranika!" 
Norvel McDonald, Retired, Las Vegas, Nevada
"Having the opportuity to connect with Toranika on the movement analysis opened up a deeper level of self-awareness for me. She offered an incredibly insightful and non-judgemental perspective on how my body placement and movement impact how I feel, and adapt to communicate more effectively at work and at home." 
Kristin Daniels, Atlanta, Georgia
"I’m a runner. I was having pain in my knees, and it would increase after a long run. One of many goals was to run a marathon, and after working with Toranika, I accomplished my goal. She showed me techniques about my breath and running form that helped me to run with more ease. I wasn’t expecting the techniques to cut my recuperation time in half. BIG BONUS!"
John Felix, Entrepreuner, Miami, Florida
"Very happy to see all the work with Somatic Soul Food and movement.  I have been very moved by movement and dance this year, and how it connects directly to the heart and soul. Thank you for being my first introduction to the world. All the best." 
Carlo Feliciani,  Student, University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Participar en este taller fue como respirar una bocanada de aire fresco y nuevo. Me sentí rodeada del calor, la confianza, la espiritualidad y la mágica energía que transmitimos las mujeres cuando estamos juntas y hermanadas en un proyecto común.
Los ejercicios del taller fueron nos sólo desestresantes sino que me reconectaron conmigo misma : con mi cuerpo (mi respiración, el ritmo de mi corazón, mis movimientos corporales). Al mismo tiempo, las actividades propuestas me condujeron a una profunda reflexión : mi relación con el espacio y mi relación con el poder, mi capacidad de fluir y dejarme llevar, versus mi capacidad de dirigir.
Las reflexiones de las participantes y algunas frases bíblicas, utilizadas como herramienta e inspiración, desataron en mí un profundo debate interior sobre sobre la fe. Como resultado he tomado consciencia de lo dura, dificil, solitaria y desesperanzadora que puede ser una vida sin créer en la existencia de un Dios. 
Raquel Pollo, Teacher, Miami, Florida



toranika Washington

Movement Analyst


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