Somatic Soul Food-The God and Gigs Show

I was invited by Allen C. Paul and CriStyle Renae to be a guest on the God and Gigs Podcast Show, where there motto is Building Better Artist From the Inside Out. Allen asked questions about my past and about the creation of Somatic Soul Food. Please share your thoughts. I would love to hear your feedback. Have a great week!

"CriStyle and I are really excited to FINALLY have a full-length episode of #TheGodandGigsShow out. This week we share a great conversation with Toranika Washington about her journey from young dancer, to media professional, to her present career as a movement analyst and dance instructor. You'll find so many parallels to your own artistic journey, and learn about a whole new world of movement that I didn't know existed! Oh and our question of the week - how does body awareness and health impact your creative career? We want to know! Make sure to subscribe via your favorite podcast app, and let us know what you think of the show!"

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